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Download Bizzy, the Digital Parenting App where your children can listen to the most beautiful stories that contribute to their development!

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Why Bizzy?

Bizzy is a digital parenting application that helps your child take safe steps in the digital world, contributing to their development with bedtime stories and educational content. Bizzy's educational tales support your child's mental growth. In your digital parenting journey, Bizzy is a companion who will stand by your child and bring you peace of mind. With Bizzy, a healthy and secure digital experience is possible for both parents and children.

Always Safe

Know that your child is safe with real-time location tracking.

You're in Control

Follow and guide your child with smart screen activity monitoring features.

Friend and Guide

It supports your child's development with behavioral and moral development tools.

Expert for Parent, Friend for Child

Step into a world of smart parenting tools with Bizzy, providing security, guidance and development for your child's digital adventures.


Location Tracking with Parental Control

With Bizzy's Parental Control for Location Tracking, your child's world turns into a safe playground. Thanks to the safe zone settings, you can define play and exploration areas and be instantly notified if your child goes beyond these areas. This system helps to balance your child's freedom with your peace of mind in a harmonious way.


Screen Time and Digital Activity Tracking

Join your child's digital journey with Bizzy's Screen Time and Digital Activity Tracking. Be aware of app usages, web visits, interests, and peak activity times. Guide their digital explorations with just a few taps and encourage positive habits. Bizzy makes screen time control in children effortlessly accessible, offering you great convenience.

  • It prevents your child from spending too much and poor quality time on devices.
  • Prevents your child from encountering age-inappropriate and harmful content.
  • It simplifies the control task on your end with menus, settings, reports and parental control customization screens that simplify everything.

Habit Formation

Bizzy's Habit Formation feature aims to instill positive habits in children, such as exercising, healthy eating, washing hands and face, reading, and love for animals. The habit formation feature guides and encourages children towards these habits using lively animations and audio-visual elements. With its interactive and fun approaches, it ensures children adopt these habits and integrate them into their daily lives. Thus, it supports children's behavioral learning processes.

  • Communicates effectively with the child through live animations and audio-visual elements.
  • Acts as a friend, protector and guide in all digital applications.
  • Automatically analyzes feedback metrics across various scenarios.

Personalized Tales

Every child's imagination is unique. Bizzy brings these unique worlds to life with customizable tales! With Bizzy, you can create tales that will spark your child's imagination, tailored specifically to their personal interests and characters!

Visual Stories

Bizzy's customizable visual stories offer a world filled with colorful and captivating visuals. Each image is carefully designed to spark your child's imagination. Children become a part of the story by seeing their own names and their favorite characters within the tale.

Auditory Stories

Bizzy's customizable auditory stories activate children's senses with the magic of sound. With original music, impressive sound effects, and personalized narrations that include your child's name, your child embarks on an adventure with Bizzy!


Parental Advisor

Bizzy's Parental Advisor enables parents to instantly receive the information and advice they need. Parents can ask the Parental Advisor any question related to parenting and quickly receive answers. The Parental Advisor works like a consultant available at all hours of the day, providing reliable, understanding, and informative responses. It offers solutions to the challenges parents face and gives advice on the child's personal development. Thus, Bizzy also serves as a consultant beside every parent.

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ITU Cekirdek*

We are honored to be supported by ITU Çekirdek
in this project where we take responsibility for the children of the world.
*İTÜ Çekirdek (ITU Seed), with its mission of supporting technology-based initiatives, is an ecosystem that envisages
'pre-incubation, accelerator, BIG BANG and incubation stages' for entrepreneurs at the idea or project stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Bizzy for my child?

It definitely is! Security is our priority. Bizzy adheres to strict privacy policies and uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your child's data is always protected.

How does real-time location tracking work?

Bizzy's real-time location tracking feature uses GPS technology to help you know your child's location at any given time. Once you define your child's play and exploration boundaries in the Bizzy app, you will be notified immediately when your child steps outside of these areas.

Can I monitor my child's screen time and app usage with Bizzy?

Yes. Bizzy offers 'smart display activity monitoring'. As your assistant, it monitors which applications your child uses, for how long and when, and provides you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.

What is the 'Behavioral and Moral Development Tools' feature?

This feature uses interactive learning modules that simulate real-life scenarios to help your child learn and develop basic behavioral skills and moral understanding. Bizzy analyzes your child's interactions with these modules and provides valuable feedback for their development.

How can I get started with Bizzy?

Getting started with Bizzy is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You can download the Bizzy app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading, follow the instructions to create an account and customize your child's profile based on their age, interests, and preferences.

Is Bizzy a paid service?

Bizzy is free to download and use and offers a number of basic features for free. In addition, some special in-app premium features are also offered to you within the paid subscription for an enhanced experience and more comprehensive control.